You add a featured image for a post as follows:
1. Click on the Set Featured Image link in the bottom right corner of the post editor
2. Upload a new image or select one from the Gallery
3. Click on the Set featured image link at the bottom of the pop-up box

Themes let you change the entire look and sometimes even the feel of your website. Changing and installing new themes is easy.
You change your theme as follows:
1. Click on Themes in the Appearance module
2. Find a theme you’d like to use and click Activate.

When you copy and paste text directly from MS Word into a post or page it can add HTML to your post/page that can impact on your text formatting or how your theme displays. While the text you paste might look fine in the Visual Editor, when you click on the HTML tab you’ll see all the extra code added from MS Word.
The Paste from Word button is designed to remove the HTML code from the text.
All you need to do is:
1. Click on ‘Show / Hide the kitchen sink’ to view the Advanced formatting toolbar
2. Click on the ‘Paste fron Word’ button and paste your text from MS Word.
3. Then click on Insert.