How to Have a Custom Domain

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  1. Buy a domain name from a Domain Name Registrar. Be sure to pick a registrar that is ICANN accredited (sounds like school, right?). View a list of ICANN accredited domain name registrars here.
  2. Go to your Domain Name Registar and add a DNS CNAME record for your domain name.
  3. Create a DNS CNAME record called www with the value
  4. domainmappingAllow at least 1 hour for changes to take effect.
  5. From your GCX WordPress Dashboard, go to Tools > Domain Mapping.
  6. In the box beginning with http:// type www. and the domain name you just purchased.*
  7. Click the Map domain button.
  8. Now click on the ☆ next to your domain name to make it the default URL (should now be solid ★).

The mapping may be immediate, but allow 24-48 hours for the CNAME changes to take effect.

* if you try to map the domain name without the www, you will receive an error message that says “Domain name is unavailable to access.” If you want to map your custom domain name without the “www” to your GCX site, you can point the A Record on your domain registrar to This only works after you have successfully completed all the above steps.

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