How do I change my profile information?

If you want to change the name or email address on your account, make your changes on The Key log in screen. How to change your name or email address on The Key You can also customize the color scheme for your WordPress Dashboard, change the time zone, and change language settings under Settings > General. […]

How to Create a GCX WordPress site

GCX is a fast and free way to create a ministry website using the power of WordPress. To create a site, simply go to and click Site Creator located at the bottom of the page. Then you will need to sign in with your account on The Key or you will need to create an account.  Once you sign […]

How to Change your Profile Photo

We are working to improve the profile section but in the meantime, go to and add or change your profile photo.  (edited 1/6/15  DC) Click Edit Picture Choose a photo located on your computer and click Submit

How to Unsubscribe from GCX Emails

You will need to do this for each community. Unsubscribing from one community does not change your subscriptions in another community. 1. Go to your GCX2 community 2. Click on My Tools and then Profile You should see a page that looks like this: 3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and uncheck all the boxes in order […]

How to create an account on GCX

If you want your own GCX WordPress site, you will need to sign up for a free account first. It’s easy. You can use your Facebook account, an existing account on The Key (if you have one already), or Cru staff members may use their Relay account. Go to and click Sign In. Now, click Create. Here is where […]

How to Delete a Site

Sometimes when you are creating a site and you don’t like how it’s looking, the easiest thing to do is start over. These instructions will show you how to delete your GCX site. Important!: Once you delete a site, it can not be restored! However, you can use the site name again. 1. From your […]