What’s the Difference between Posts and Pages

It’s easy to get confused between a Post and a Page. Hopefully this rhyme can help you out: Use Post the Most! Be sure to check out: Beginner’s Tip: The Difference Between Posts and Pages Understanding Posts and Pages Editing Posts & Pages

Open a Link in a New Window or Tab

If you don’t want people to click on a link and then leave your site, you can set the link to open in a new window or tab. Here are simple instructions on how to do just that. Beginner’s Tip: Open a WordPress Link in a New Window / Tab

Beginner’s Guide to Menus

Custom menus allow you to extend your website capabilities with easy to use components such as category and recent post listings or even a calendar. You customize menus as follows: 1.  Click on Menus in the Appearance module 2.  Enter Menu Name then click Save Menu   3.  Select your new Menu Name from the drop-list in the Theme Locations section 4.  Add links to the […]