Design Beautiful Pages with Elegant Builder

We are so excited to offer the premium Elegant Themes Drag & Drop Builder plugin. Now you can make beautiful pages without having to know HTML code or special shortcodes. Structure your content and choose the way it is displayed on your page or post all through simple drag and drop. To get started, from your GCX […]

How to Move Content from One GCX Site to Another

You may have a great site with lots of content only to discover that the site name is misspelled, or you don’t like, or the ministry name changed. There could be all sorts of reasons for needing to start with a fresh site and site name. The good news is that you don’t need to […]

Customize your site with Custom CSS

Ever wished your font was a little different or the spacing could be increased or even have a different color in the header of your site? Good news. You are never stuck with the color scheme of the theme you choose! With the Custom CSS Plugin, you can change just about anything your little heart desires. […]

Prevent Comment Spam with Akismet

You don’t need us to tell you that comment spam on your website is a giant pain. But we have made it easy to prevent spam on your GCX site using Akismet. Here is what you need to do: On your GCX WordPress Dashboard, click Plugins. Look for Akismet and click Activate.   Click the blue button called Activate your Akismet Account Click […]

How to add a Google form

How to add a Google form 1. Create your form in Google Drive Google forms will guide you through the process of creating and customizing all the fields you need. You could create a standard contact form with Name, Email and a Message area, or compose more elaborate check boxes and drop-down lists depending on […]

How to Fix Common Image Issues

The guys over at have written an excellent guide on How to Fix Common Image Issues in WordPress. Check it out!

Understanding Featured Images

A Featured Image is the photo that appears next to a post. (Not all themes support featured images). You add a featured image for a post as follows: 1. Click on the Add Featured Image link in the bottom right corner of the post editor 2. Upload a new image or select one from the Gallery […]

How to Set Categories for Prayer Requests

You may find it helpful to set categories for prayer requests, such as family, ministry, financial support or health. You could also set categories by region or area (e.g., Africa, Asia, Europe). You can set any categories you choose. If you have installed the Prayer Widget, then people who visit your site can easily add their own prayer […]

How to Add the Prayer Widget

Each GCX site comes equipped with a way for visitors to your site to post and comment on prayer requests. You can put a Submit a Prayer Request box right on your home page (or any page, for that matter). Then, the prayer requests appear on the prayer page. The widget box just makes it […]

How to Change What Appears in the Menu Navigation

Every GCX site defaults to the following pages in your menu: Home, Calendar, Message Board, News, Prayer Center, Resource Center, Sample Page. You can change which pages appear in your menu. Where the menu appears is different based on your theme. These instructions are for the default theme of Twenty Eleven. How to change the […]

How to Change Your Theme

A theme includes the entire site design, from images, color scheme, to layout and core functionality. It is very important to choose a theme that supports the actions you want community members to take on your site. (For example, the P2 Themeis excellent for a discussion based site, but is very limited or even impossible for other […]

How to Create a Public Welcome Page (static page) but Keep the Blog Posts Private (members only)

From your WordPress Admin Dashboard on the left hand menu panel, go to … GCX > General Settings Community Privacy = Permission/Visibility Setting for All Blog Posts It is a bit confusing but the setting “Community Privacy” (see the toggle box shown above) will set the permission level for who gets to see all the […]

How to Add a Twitter Feed

If your team or ministry has a twitter account, you can display a feed of your recent posts on your website. 1. Log in to your Twitter account 2. Click settings 3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click resources 4. Click see all widgets 5. Choose widgets for my website 6. Select the widget you want […]

How to Change your Profile Photo

We are working to improve the profile section but in the meantime, go to and add or change your profile photo.  (edited 1/6/15  DC) Click Edit Picture Choose a photo located on your computer and click Submit

How to Embed and Post Jesus Film Movie Clips

If someone wants to improve these instructions or has a better method, please go for it. Share it here below. Embedding videos from is not nearly as easy and straightforward as embedding YouTube and Vimeo videos, but it’s still totally possible by use of the iFrame Embedder plugin. Here’s how I got it to […]

StudioPress (Serenity Child Theme) – Custom Header

StudioPress is the design company that created all themes that are “Genesis” framework themes. In the Serenity theme, it is not easy to put in your own custom header or logo image up at the top banner space, but it is possible. Here is how I got it to work. These instructions should work until […]

How to Display a Logo or Image in the Sidebar

Some themes (not all) provide you with at least one “sidebar” – a column on one side where you can drag and drop widgets. To see all widgets available to drag and drop, go to Appearance > Widgets from your Dashboard. These instructions show you how to use the “WIDGET WIDGET” to display or insert an image […]

How to Have a Custom Domain

Want to see others who are using Custom Domains? Check em’ out! Buy a domain name from a Domain Name Registrar. Be sure to pick a registrar that is ICANN accredited (sounds like school, right?). View a list of ICANN accredited domain name registrars here. Go to your Domain Name Registar and add a DNS CNAME record for your domain name. […]

How to add a Give or Donate button to your site

Any person with a U.S. Staff account number may have a Give (or Donate) button on their website.

How to add a Like This / Share This Facebook button

Instantly make your site more social with a Facebook like this or Share this button. Here is how to do it: 1. Activate the Facebook plugin. From your Dashboard, go to Plugins, look for Facebook and click Activate 2. Now you should see the Facebook plugin appear in the left hand side of your Dashboard. 3. To add the Like button, click Facebook […]