How to Create a GCX WordPress site

GCX is a fast and free way to create a ministry website using the power of WordPress. To create a site, simply go to and click Site Creator located at the bottom of the page. Then you will need to sign in with your account on The Key or you will need to create an account.  Once you sign […]

Understanding Media Library Images

Images that you have previously uploaded to your site are stored in your media library. Adding image to a post or page from your media library is as simple as: 1. Place your cursor where you would like the image to be inserted. 2. Click on Add An Image icon (located on right of Upload/Insert […]

Understanding the Visual Editor


Understanding Featured Images

A Featured Image is the photo that appears next to a post. (Not all themes support featured images). You add a featured image for a post as follows: 1. Click on the Add Featured Image link in the bottom right corner of the post editor 2. Upload a new image or select one from the Gallery […]

Understanding Widgets

Widgets allow you to extend your site’s capabilities with easy to use components such as category and recent post listings or even a calendar.   You add a widget to a widget area on your site as follows: 1.  Click on Widgets in the Appearance Module 2.  Click and drag an Available Widget into a Widget Area    

Understanding Posts & Pages

The Edit Post and Edit Page area in your administration panel where you see a listing of all the saved posts/pages, 20 posts per page, that you’ve written on your site. In this screen you can search for posts/pages and once located you can either edit or delete them. Hovering your mouse over the title […]

Understanding the Image Gallery

An Image Gallery is a great way to include an organized collection of images in your WordPress posts and pages. They can be positioned with content or by themselves, and include single or multiple rows and columns.   Image galleries are added using the “Add Media” button in your post content editor panel. You can […]

Understanding the Media Library

All media files, such as images, video, audio and documents, that you have ever uploaded to posts or pages are listed in your media library. This is where you can manage all existing media files (Media > Library) or upload new files (Media > Add New) directly to your site without having to start a […]

How to Transfer and Import a Site from Blogger

Want to know how to import your site from Blogger into a GCX WordPress site? Here are the steps to get all of your content from your Blogger blog moved over to GCX WordPress: 1. Follow the instructions with Blogger to export your whole site (or as much content as you want/need) to an XML […]

How to add a Give or Donate button to your site

Any person with a U.S. Staff account number may have a Give (or Donate) button on their website.

How to Export a WordPress Site to GCX

Are you ready to move your existing WordPress site to GCX? We couldn’t be happier! The process is simple — under 5 minutes. In a nutshell, you make your new GCX site, download a content .xml file from your WordPress site and then upload that file into GCX. Done! We’ll host it and do all […]