Easier MailChimp Integration with Gravity Form Add-On

We are going bananas over our latest addition to GCX. The MailChimp Gravity Forms Add-on makes getting new subscribers to your newsletter list a breeze. Getting started is easy. Just activate the main Gravity Form plugin and the MailChimp add-on. Set up a form and configure your MailChimp settings and you will be off and running. Here’s […]

MailChimp Gravity Forms Integration

To begin using the GravityForms MailChimp Add-on, follow these instructions to get started. 1. From your GCX WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins > Gravity Forms and Gravity Forms MailChimp Add On > Activate. (You will need to activate both Gravity Forms and the MailChimp add on plugin).   2. On the left hand sidebar, click  Forms > […]

Leverage Social Media

Social media has tremendous power to drive traffic to your website. As a website manager, you need to leverage its power. Image source Share your latest posts Social media icons on every blog post entry make it easy for visitors to your site to share content with friends. To get started, use the Add This […]

How to Add a YouTube Video

Sometimes adding a YouTube video is simple and easy and other times you can scratch your head forever wondering why it isn’t working. Your WordPress theme, browser, and even the YouTube URL are all factors which make the process not as straightforward as we would like. That being said, here are different steps you can […]

How to Embed Facebook Status Posts

The team over at WPBeginner.com has written an excellent guide on How to Embed Facebook Status Posts. Enjoy! You may also like: How to add a Like This / Share This Facebook button How to promote your Facebook page  

How to Add a Twitter Feed

If your team or ministry has a twitter account, you can display a feed of your recent posts on your website. 1. Log in to your Twitter account 2. Click settings 3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click resources 4. Click see all widgets 5. Choose widgets for my website 6. Select the widget you want […]

How to Embed and Post Jesus Film Movie Clips

If someone wants to improve these instructions or has a better method, please go for it. Share it here below. Embedding videos from JesusFilm.org is not nearly as easy and straightforward as embedding YouTube and Vimeo videos, but it’s still totally possible by use of the iFrame Embedder plugin. Here’s how I got it to […]

How to add a Give or Donate button to your site

Any person with a U.S. Staff account number may have a Give (or Donate) button on their website.

How to Use MailChimp with GCX

How to use MailChimp to automatically send new blog posts to Ministry Parters 1. MailChimp Setup Get yourself a free MailChimp account. Create a listof ministry partners. 2. Create an RSS Driven Campaign Campaign is a fancy MailChimp way of saying send an email. You need to create an RSS Driven campaign. This is just a fancy way […]

How to add a Like This / Share This Facebook button

Instantly make your site more social with a Facebook like this or Share this button. Here is how to do it: 1. Activate the Facebook plugin. From your Dashboard, go to Plugins, look for Facebook and click Activate 2. Now you should see the Facebook plugin appear in the left hand side of your Dashboard. 3. To add the Like button, click Facebook […]

How to Promote your Facebook Page with a Like Box

You can promote your Facebook Page on GCX by using a social plugin. It’s easy! Step 1 Go to your GCX2 WP admin screen and click widgets Step 2 Drag the Widget Widget into the sidebar (or wherever you want it to appear on your page). Step 3 Go to the Social Plugins page on Facebook and choose the plugin you want […]